Taxonomy editor and tagging suite

Unilexicon™ a visual editor and taxonomy manager for authoring controlled vocabularies with a content tagging extension.

Visual taxonomy editor and management tools for controlled vocabularies and thesauri

  • use beautiful graphs and predictive taxonomy search to explore and edit vocabularies
  • drag and drop concept ordering with intuitive interface
  • comprehend and manage relations in large taxonomies, even 语文

Explore vocabularies

Unilexicon is a visual online thesaurus server, classification and taxonomy management software coupled with a web-site tagging tool and record tagging system. A taxonomy manager to extend your search tools for database powered websites, document and knowledge classification. SAS and enterprise semantic metadata management and integration system.

An information management software offering metadata repository and semantic search tools, data integration and records management tools. Simple knowledge organization system (SKOS) for your organisation.

Unilexicon is open source, see the source code or read the documentation.

Example site

Tagging tool for tagging resources using controlled vocabularies

  • use your taxonomies from Unilexicon repository to tag your content, tag resources, documents, items and records
  • integrated and yet content management system independent, tag websites or your own records
  • can be integrated for your organisation as a Chrome browser extension or directly into your CRM or CMS

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