Taxonomy editor suite

Unilexicon™ a visual editor and taxonomy manager for authoring controlled vocabularies with a content tagging extension.

Visual taxonomy editor and management tools for controlled vocabularies and thesauri

  • use beautiful graphs and predictive taxonomy search to explore and edit vocabularies
  • drag and drop concept ordering with attractive intuitive interface
  • comprehend and manage relations in large complex taxonomies, even 语文
  • author simple knowledge organisation systems (SKOS) fast and well
  • import and export formats including JSON, SKOS, HTML lists, markdown/text, CSV and Excel
  • generate taxonomies using OpenAI's pretrained transformer

Unilexicon is a free tool for creating and managing public taxonomies with paid professional membership features that include private vocabularies, collaboration tools, and fast technical support to unlock the full potential of Unilexicon.

Hi, I'm Francis Malina the creator of Unilexicon, a free and open platform that helps you manage taxonomies and classifications. I know from experience that taxonomy work can be complex and time-consuming, and that's why I've designed Unilexicon with a focus on user experience. When you use Unilexicon, you can spend less time working on technical complexities and more time focusing on the important human aspects of taxonomy work, like finding the right concepts and defining their relationships.

I believe that good design is about decreasing cognitive load and making complex tasks feel intuitive and easy. That's why Unilexicon handles the heavy technical aspects for you, like handling XML serialization, storing RDF triples, and generating unique concept IDs. For example by default, Unilexicon generates human-readable, hyphenated concept slugs instead of using GUIDs or numerical IDs, so your SKOS XML is legible and easy to work with while drag-and-drop visual sorting and relationship representation helps ensure correctness and reduces the chance of mistakes.

I'm always looking for ways to make Unilexicon better, and I do rely on your feedback to prioritise tasks. To send suggestions for new features, ideas for improving the platform, or just want to say hello, please reach out to me at By using Unilexicon, you're not just getting access to a powerful taxonomy management tool, you're also joining a community of taxonomists and knowledge workers who are committed to building a better, more connected world.

— Francis

Case study

We publish the world's most comprehensive port guide in book form and online.

The taxonomy work has been proceeding slowly for quite some time,
mainly due to the lack of a useful tool to make it easier.

Unilexicon has made a huge difference. Yesterday I transformed the data from
being categorised in 2/3 levels, to a 95% complete usable taxonomy over 10 levels.

Faergal Hogan One Ocean: Guide to Port Entry

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Unilexicon: taxonomy editor

Tagging tool

Allows you to tag your resources using controlled vocabularies.

  • Seamlessly integrated with the Unilexicon repository, enabling you to efficiently tag your content, documents, items, and records.
  • It is content management system independent, so you can easily tag websites or your own records. You can use it as a Chrome browser extension or integrate it directly into your CRM or CMS.
  • Unfortunately, tagging extension is currently unavailable. However, if you require annotation functionality, please reach out to to discuss sponsorship opportunities.

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