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Write a taxonomy for WATCHES in markdown nested unordered list with
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- Watches
  * Analog Watches: Watches that display time using traditional clock hands
    that point to hour and minute markers.
  * Digital Watches: Watches that display time in numerical format, often with
    additional features like alarms and timers.
  * Smart Watches: Watches that connect to smartphones and offer a range of
    features like fitness tracking, messaging, and app integration.
    - Fitness Watches: Smart watches designed for fitness enthusiasts with
      features like heart rate monitoring, GPS tracking, and workout tracking.
    - Hybrid Watches: Smart watches that combine traditional watch design with
      smart features like notifications and activity tracking.
  * Luxury Watches: Watches that are often expensive and made with high-quality
    materials and precision craftsmanship.
    - Dress Watches: Luxury watches designed to be worn with formal attire.
    - Dive Watches: Luxury watches designed for underwater activities like
      scuba diving.