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Commercial Services

REST API, CSV and SQL exports, custom exports and API endpoints as per customer requirements are available.

  • API for medicine product search
  • API for product lookups using GTIN/EAN codes
  • Sample product pack CSV export
  • Regular DM+D as SQL export

Medicine server with admin site, licensing and customisation.

Request API access, full data or CSV exports, enquire about the integration with your systems.

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Editorial policy

Share any link on the site using its URL copied from your address bar, we guarantee it will point to the right place even if product name or other information changes in the future.

All data published on this site is consistent with the dm+d as per dm+d editorial policy. Full up to date document can be downloaded from the dm+d documentation.

Who decides which information will be published?

dm+d Programme Board and Content Committee chaired by the Head of Medicines, Pharmacy and Industry Group, Department of Health.

Is the information peer-reviewed?

Peer Review Group members are asked to review and comment on papers for submission to the dm+d and provide feedback via email. The group consisting of clinical and other professionals can meet if needed.

Is the content regularly reviewed?

Content of dm+d is continually reviewed and improved. Releases of up-to-date datasets are provided weekly.

This site is kept up to date with the latest releases on a regular basis unless there are backwards incompatible changes to the dm+d schema or libraries used.