Testosterone 6mg/24hours transdermal patches

ID 35916811000001102
Date 19 Oct 2018
Previous ID 325706006
Therapeutic MoietyTestosterone
Name Testosterone 6mg/24hours transdermal patches
Preferred name basisrINN - Recommended International Non-proprietary
Date of name applicability 18 Jul 2008
Previous name Testosterone 6mg/24hours patches
Basis of previous namerINN - Recommended International Non-proprietary
Reason for name changeOther
Prescribing statusInvalid to prescribe in NHS primary care
Non-availability indicatorActual Products not Available
Non availability status date 18 Jun 2003
Dose formDiscrete
Unit dose form size 1.000
Unit dose form unitspatch
Unit dose unit of measurepatch
Form & Routepatch.transdermal
Drug formulationsTransdermal patch
Drug routeTransdermal
Control drugSchedule 4 (CD Anab)