Sodium cromoglicate 5mg/dose inhaler with spacer

ID 4161311000001109
Therapeutic MoietySodium cromoglicate
Name Sodium cromoglicate 5mg/dose inhaler with spacer
Preferred name basisINNM - International Non-proprietary Name (Modified)
Date of name applicability 16 Aug 2006
Previous name Sodium cromoglicate 5mg/actuation inhaler with spacer
Basis of previous nameINNM - International Non-proprietary Name (Modified)
Reason for name changeOther
Prescribing statusNever Valid To Prescribe As A VMP
Non-availability indicatorActual Products not Available
Non availability status date 19 May 2006
Dose formDiscrete
Unit dose form size 1.000
Unit dose form unitsdose
Unit dose unit of measuredose
IngredientsSodium cromoglicate
Form & Routepressurizedinhalation.inhalation
Drug formulationsPressurised inhalation
Drug routeInhalation
Control drugNo Controlled Drug Status