Pulsatilla pratensis 6c homeopathic tablets

ID 5130511000001106
Therapeutic MoietyHomeopathic pulsatilla pratensis
Name Pulsatilla pratensis 6c homeopathic tablets
Preferred name basisOther
Date of name applicability 21 Oct 2003
Previous name Pulsatilla 6c homeopathic tablets
Basis of previous nameOther
Prescribing statusValid as a prescribable product
Non-availability indicatorActual Products not Available
Non availability status date 2 Oct 2013
Dose formDiscrete
Unit dose form size 1.000
Unit dose form unitstablet
Unit dose unit of measuretablet
Form & Routehomeopathictabletsublingual.sublingual
Drug formulationsHomeopathic tablet
Drug routeSublingual
Control drugNo Controlled Drug Status