Nicotine 2mg sublingual tablets sugar free

ID 39111611000001101
Date 21 Oct 2020
Previous ID 323332004
Therapeutic MoietyNicotine
Name Nicotine 2mg sublingual tablets sugar free
Preferred name basisOther
Date of name applicability 1 Sep 2007
Previous name Nicotine 2mg sublingual tablets
Basis of previous nameOther
Reason for name changeOther
Prescribing statusValid as a prescribable product
Sugar free 1
Dose formDiscrete
Unit dose form size 1.000
Unit dose form unitstablet
Unit dose unit of measuretablet
IngredientsNicotine cyclodextrin complex
Form & Routetabletsublingual.oromucosal
Drug formulationsSublingual tablet
Drug routeSublingual
Control drugNo Controlled Drug Status