Fosfestrol 300mg/5ml solution for injection ampoules

ID 39713211000001108
Date 26 May 2021
Previous ID 327244002
Therapeutic MoietyFosfestrol
Name Fosfestrol 300mg/5ml solution for injection ampoules
Preferred name basisrINN - Recommended International Non-proprietary
Date of name applicability 20 May 2004
Previous name Fosfestrol 60mg/ml injection 5ml ampoules
Basis of previous namerINN - Recommended International Non-proprietary
Reason for name changeOther
Prescribing statusInvalid to prescribe in NHS primary care
Non-availability indicatorActual Products not Available
Non availability status date 10 Jul 2003
Dose formDiscrete
Unit dose form size 5.000
Unit dose form unitsml
Unit dose unit of measureampoule
IngredientsFosfestrol sodium
Form & Routesolutioninjection.intravenous
Drug formulationsSolution for injection
Drug routeIntravenous
Control drugNo Controlled Drug Status