Albumin human 20% infusion 50ml bags

ID 15520211000001103
Therapeutic MoietyAlbumin human
Name Albumin human 20% infusion 50ml bags
Preferred name basisOther
Date of name applicability 5 Jun 2009
Previous name Albumin human 20% solution for infusion 50ml bags
Basis of previous nameOther
Prescribing statusValid as a prescribable product
Non-availability indicatorActual Products not Available
Non availability status date 27 Apr 2021
Dose formDiscrete
Unit dose form size 50.000
Unit dose form unitsml
Unit dose unit of measurebag
IngredientsAlbumin solution human
Form & Routesolutioninfusion.intravenous
Drug formulationsInfusion
Drug routeIntravenous
Control drugNo Controlled Drug Status