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of medicines and devices (dm+d)

Unilexicon for medicines lets you comfortably search and browse NHS standard Dictionary of Medicines and Devices (dm+d) a beautiful dataset created over many years by the NHS.

The dictionary is used throughout the NHS (UK National Health Service) as a means of uniquely identifying medicines and medical devices used in the health care of patients.

Unilexicon for medicines is here for 👩🏻‍⚕️ pharmacists and healthcare professionals to search and navigate the terminology or find SNOMED codes, search medicines by GTIN/EAN bar codes, 👨🏽‍🔬 researchers and students to explore the dataset, programmers and pharma sector companies to use DM+D medicine information in their products via our API, and the rest of us to learn about available medicines and medical devices.

Unilexicon for medicines allows you to browse medicines by ingredients or their therapeutic moiety (molecular segment), browse NHS medicines sorted by price, lookup devices by colour, lookup medicines by flavour, etc.

Search medicines by name or part of code.

Here are various routes you can take to browse the data with examples for each route.

See also help & advice, editorial policy, integration services and contact.

Last data update: 21st of April 2023

Technical Services

Below are example services offered by Unilexicon for medicines for commercial users.


DM+D REST API, CSV and SQL exports are available at £100 a month per application. Custom exports and API endpoints as per customer requirements are available and charged for separately.

  • API for medicine product search
  • API for product lookups using GTIN/EAN codes
  • Sample product pack CSV export
  • Regular DM+D as SQL export

System licenses for integration

To learn more about Unilexicon for medicines server with admin site, open source licensing, integration, and customisation support see source code repository.


To request an API subscription, full data and CSV exports, point out issues, suggest new features, discuss questions, or to enquire about the integration services with other systems please get in touch.

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Compared to NHSBSA dm+d browser Unilexicon for medicines elements use different naming where it allows communicating briefly, without acronyms and without sacrificing compatibility.

E.g. "Virtual medical product" or "VMT" is called a "Concept" and "Actual medical product" or "AMT" is just called a "Product". See headlines above.

Unilexicon for medicines is optimised to adjust to mobile devices and tablets, fully linkable, optimised for search engines, accessible and fast.

🔗 You can share or bookmark any link on the site using its URL or dm+d code.

E.g. Products (AMP) have the following URL format:

Your link is guaranteed to point to the right place even if product name or other information changes in the future. It will also show other relevant products if this one gets discontinued.

🔍 Beside the on-site search engine, you can also use a public search engine to run queries against Unilexicon for medicines like so:
testosterone injection -capsules

This takes advantage of advanced operators including "site:" to search within a site only, excluding documents containing word "capsules" using minus. Other operators allow searching for price ranges, titles only, etc. Learn about "advanced search operators" in your public search engine.

♿ Unilexicon for medicines is optimised to work well for blind and other disabled users, it is accessible.

Editorial policy

All data published on this site is consistent with the dm+d as per dm+d editorial policy. Full up to date document can be downloaded from the dm+d documentation.

Who decides which information will be published?

dm+d Programme Board and Content Committee chaired by the Head of Medicines, Pharmacy and Industry Group, Department of Health.

Is the information peer-reviewed?

Peer Review Group members are asked to review and comment on papers for submission to the dm+d and provide feedback via email. The group consisting of clinical and other professionals can meet if needed.

Is the content regularly reviewed?

Content of dm+d is continually reviewed and improved. Releases of up-to-date datasets are provided weekly.

Unilexicon for medicines is kept up to date with the latest releases on a regular basis unless there are backwards incompatible changes to the dm+d schema or libraries used.

Last data update: 21st of April 2023