In the beginning there was word

my essay about God's Plan

In the beginning there was word, and the word was with God, and the word was God. Everything arose from him, and without him nothing arose. There was life in him and life was the light of the people. The light shines in the darkness, but the darkness does not engulf him.

John 1:1

Fractal shape of a river

I believe that life in thoughts and dreams and life of a man awake are two levels of self-similarity just like veins of a leaf are similar to the shape of its tree.

Levels of self-similarity can be seen in branches of rivers and their valleys, in trees, in the bloodstream, when the parent branch resembles a shoot, perhaps I should call them generations of self-similarity. Lightning and snowflakes are also nice examples. It’s called fractal shapes.

Of course, such shapes can be created using a computer algorithmically and transferred to a production process, although planting a seed and seeing it grow to maturity is a similar process.

This is what God began as John 1: 1 says and this explains omnipresence of the Lord.

Words, program code, and DNA are similar information structures.

I think these levels of self-similarity have a one directional or dimensional shift that number pi helps to express (rotational motion) and also that the eulers number e helps to define the size limit of this fractal development (limited expansion), and that the imaginary unit "i" allows for duality a bit like Jing and Yang and the cat in the box both alive and dead at the same time (moving in and out). The number one (1) then gives the starting point from which the rest develops (rotational expansion of the elements inwards and outwards from the starting point). The numbers work a bit like engine parts, but it goes like this: e to the power of i * pi + 1 = 0, this is called Euler's identity, the divine equation, and here I am back with that initial verse from John 1: 1.

In the beginning there was word