The Clinic for Women's Health

Psychosexual Counselling

Human sexual behaviour beyond procreation is far from instinctive. Studies have shown that up to 45% of adult women and 30% of adult men have at least one manifest sexual dysfunction, with the prevalence increasing with age.

Risk Factors include:

  • Psychological problems, e.g. depression, substance abuse
  • Relationship/family problems
  • Sexual stress and anxiety
  • Physical ill-health of either partner
  • Job and financial stress
  • Endocrine causes, menopause, diabetes, etc
  • Drugs, antiandrogens, antidepressants, etc
  • Religious and family pressures
  • Dysfunctional current and past relationship
  • Sexual Desire/Arousal disorders
  • Orgasmic disorder, anorgasmia/premature ejaculation
  • Pain disorder, vaginismus, phimosis, dyspareunia

Assessment and Management is often complex and takes time. Patients are encouraged to attend as a couple although there is a place for either partner being seen independently.

Treatment is successful and the first important and brave step is to accept a problem exists and seek help.

The counsellor need not be medically qualified although any possible physical problem may need to be addressed before progress is made.

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