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Labial Reduction Surgery (Labiaplasty)

Although every woman is different from the next, some are dissatisfied with the appearance of their labia minora (inner vaginal lips), especially if they are too long or of different size. Women can experience pain during intercourse or feel discomfort with everyday activities, such as cycling, or when wearing tight fitting clothing.

Frequently asked questions

Where will the surgery be performed?

The surgery will be performed in hospital under local anaesthetic or possibly general anaesthetic if desired. Our clinic performs labiaplasty in the UK in Manchester.

How long will the surgery take?

Approximately 1 hour.

What is the length of stay?

An overnight stay may be recommended although most patients go home the same day.

What can I expect after the surgery?

Your expectations need to be realistic. You will experience some soreness and swelling for a few days but should be up and about in 24 to 48 hours. Most of your discomfort can be controlled by prescription medication. The incisions heal fairly quickly and are rarely noticeable. Sexual activity can be attempted within 4-6 weeks. You will have a follow-up check around this time.

When can I get back to work?

Time taken to return to work varies and can be anywhere between 1-4 weeks.

When can I get back to exercising again?

Exercise may be resumed in 6-8 weeks

When can I see the final results?

Within 2-3 weeks of surgery

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Patients say

I was nervous at first but doctor made me feel at ease; he responded promptly to all questions. We viewed different images and agreed on the procedure and desired outcome possible for me. Although baring all I was covered in a blue operative sheet so that only the area operated on was exposed which actually made me feel much better.

The procedure was quick and painless I did not even realise when it had started (which was great!). Afterwards I stayed in the clinic to make sure I was OK when the anaesthetic wore off. I was given an ice pack to sit on to reduce any bruising; painkillers supplied were Volteral suppository; codine, paracetamol and arnica (homeopathy for swelling). I was also given anti-biotics and anti-sickness tablets (which I presume was for the codine). The Codine made me drowsy just at the moment I reached my hotel and I slept very well. Doctor checked up on me to make sure I was taking the medication as prescribed. On awakening I barely felt any pain but took the painkillers as advised. It is now the second day and I did not feel the need to take painkillers I have only taken Ibuprofen for the swelling and the Arnica. Although I am swollen I can tell I will have 2 neat small slices of skin either side and I am really pleased with the results; it feels completely different already!

Relaxed atmosphere; great coffee; great quality for money; great before and aftercare. I have decided to purchase 6 sessions of laser hair removal, laser facials and lip enhancement; I am also recommending to my friends and family who want the same procedure.

Eleanor, Birmingham wedge labiaplasty combined with a clitoral hood reduction & laser hair removal

Labiaplasty, great value for money!

I had this procedure done last week and so far I am really pleased with the results. The procedure itself was painless, and there is very minimal pain in the healing process afterwards. I am also aesthetically pleased with the results, doctor made me feel very comfortable before, during and after my procedure and is in regular contact to see how I am getting on. I am so glad I got this procedure done with Xav, and would not look back. Thank you very much!

Fran, UK Labiaplasty £1,500

I am so happy with the results so far of my Labiaplasty and tightening procedure. I look all neat and tidy again, thank you so much DR. Complimentary refreshments available. Clean setting. Can't wait to see the final results. First class treatment at an affordable price which is paramount to others suffering low self esteem or embarrassment because of how they look.

Lisa, UK Labiaplasty £2,000

Very pleased with my results. I was very nervous but so glad I used this clinic because I was made to feel welcome. I was offered tea, coffee etc., and even dinner afterwards. Aftercare was great, I was given all the painkillers I needed and received a few messages after my treatment to check how I was. Excellent service, would definitely recommend and use for other treatments.

Jessica, UK Labiaplasty £1,500

I am one week post op after a labiaplasty and I am very pleased with the service I received. I was made to feel very comfortable and welcome at the initial consultation and got booked in for the op quickly. The op went really well, minimal/no pain as all the painkillers are provided. Also the aftercare has been brilliant and they could not have been more helpful and have answered all my questions willingly. Excellent service, would definitely use them for any other treatments for myself and would recommend them to anyone else.

I was nervous about having this done and could not find an awful lot if information but I am so glad I did and so glad I used this clinic!

Jade, UK Labiaplasty £1,500

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