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Lotus flower

The beginning is seed; pregnant with life;
Reaching out tentatively
Delicately landing on rich bed of promise;
The beginning of future possibilities;
The womb, in expectation, thickens with fertile blood
Giving life to hope and hope to life;

Not every pregnancy ends happily. Human reproduction, although evolutionary successful, is wasteful and inefficient especially in the first third of pregnancy. Less commonly, the pregnancy is lost later than this; the psychological impact on the woman and her family can be immense whatever time the loss occurs Answers are not always readily available to explain the loss. Support can be patchy and transient.

The purpose of counselling is to:

  • Be Non-judgemental
  • Be allowed to talk, cry, shout and be expressive
  • Be listened to
  • Explore, discover, clarify the causes of the loss as best as possible
  • Offer ongoing support
  • Explore realistic possibilities for resolution and about the future
  • Address any medical reasons for the loss and prepare for any possible future pregnancy including management issues.

Most medium to long-term support to bereaved parents and families is offered by charities. Support through the NHS tends to be patchy and limited.

We offer counselling services in the acute phase but can also arrange long-term follow up with an experienced counselor for those in need of continuing care. We are also able assist in case analysis in order to learn for experiences and help answer those questions which are often outstanding.

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