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The Aesthetic and Laser Cosmetic Surgery Clinic in Manchester

Cosmetic Surgery Clinic Interior

Welcome to The Aesthetic and Laser Cosmetic Surgery Clinic located in the heart of the City of Manchester, we continue to place emphasis on quality of life.

In addition to gynaecology services, we have added laser therapies, ultrasound, radiofrequency and other physical and biological treatments to our portfolio to treat men and women alike.

We employ the most modern lasers and other modalities to carry out, amongst others: skin resurfacing, body contouring, skin tightening, acne treatment and other unsightly scars, permanent hair removal, tattoo removal, mole removal, treatment of thread veins and pigmented lesions, Botox and fillers.

We aim to achieve the maximum results with the minimum downtime and discomfort but with maximum safety.

Laser cosmetic surgery

Ever since the first laser was introduced in 1960 with a developmental budget of over $20 million, lasers have become an essential part of our everyday lives. Their use in medicine and particularly in the field of aesthetics has expanded over the past decade as their efficacy and safety has improved beyond recognition.

In many areas, lasers have been found to be more effective than conventional treatment methods with advantages including less blood loss, more accurate removal of unwanted tissue, shorter operating time, less postoperative pain and most importantly, less scar tissue formation. It is expected that the next decade will see the laser as an everyday tool in many more medical applications.

You will find our clinic environment very welcoming and our nursing and medical staff trained to offer advice and treatment at unbeatable prices.

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