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ThermaLipo 2 cellulite treatment

Thermalipo uses radiofrequency technology to effectively reduce the appearance of cellulite and provide skin tightening benefits. The treatment is warm and relaxing and after a course you can see significant improvement to unsightly "orange peel" skin with overall improvement to skin tone, texture and elasticity.

Radiofrequency is a technology that has been used within in medicine for many years. It has more recently been utilised within the cosmetic arena. The radiofrequency energy is applied to the skin, gently heating the skin's surface for instant tightening of loose skin. It also provides deeper heating which increases the local blood circulation and encourages lymphatic drainage of fatty deposits and cellulite.

Treatment is suitable for the arms often referred to as "bingo wings", abdomen, buttocks and thighs. We would normally recommend a course of 8-10 treatments. Treatment results are often enhanced when used in conjunction with other body treatments such as Vibrotone or Lipaway.

This treatment is for you if:

  • You want to target stubborn areas of cellulite
  • You want firmer, tighter skin on your body
  • You want smoother, softer skin

Before and After Images

Thermalipo Before and After - Front/Pelvis
Thermalipo Before and After - Buttock
Photo Credits - Thermamedic

Common Questions

How is Thermalipo treatment carried out?

A thin layer of gel is applied to the treatment area and an applicator is moved in circular motions gently warming the skin. Once the desired skin temperature is reached this is then maintained for a few minutes. Typically each session lasts about 45 minutes depending upon the size of the treatment area. The gel is removed and then we apply ASAP Cellulite and Stretchmark Body Lotion, masque or soothing cream.

What should I expect after treatment?

The treated area may be slightly red and feel nice and warm for a short time after treatment. You should drink sufficient fluids but otherwise proceed with normal daily activities. Collagen fibres contract immediately after treatment improving skin elasticity but benefits are progressive and usually seen after a course of treatments.

What does treatment feel like?

Due to the unique multi-frequency technology treatment is very pleasant and no discomfort is experienced. Thermalipo initially heats deep within the fatty tissue and then alters its frequency to heat the skins surface. A warm, gentle heating sensation is felt in a relaxing massage motion.

Which cellulite treatment is right for me?

The Lynton Clinic offers a number of different cellulite treatments. In order to assess which is the right treatment or right combination of treatments to suit your individual lifestyle and cellulite concerns schedule a free consultation by contacting us.


From £140 per session.

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