The Clinic for Women's Health

About the gynaecology clinic

The Clinic for Women's Health aims to provide comprehensive patient led holistic healthcare to women of Manchester and beyond. We offer most services available in the NHS and more, provided by highly skilled and experienced professionals in a comfortable and relaxed environment. We aim to understand your problem and explore the available management options, which need not necessarily be medical or surgical.

We have extensive experience in the field of obstetrics and gynaecology and undertake a wide range of procedures. We have access to a bank of medical and non-medical professionals who can offer advice and management in complex cases. We appreciate the importance of the NHS to all our lives, and where necessary, we will recommend an efficient route to access the service.

We promote healthy living as well as preventative medicine and appreciate that intervention is not always the best solution to complex health problems.

We have an interest in Legal Aspects of Medical Practice and will be pleased to carry out an independent case review and offer impartial advice.

We have working relationships with The Bodysmooth Clinic and The Highgate Private Hospital. We also recommend reputable practitioners of complementary therapy, most of which we have had personal experience of.

Clinical Services

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